housesmBuilding your Custom Home

You want a custom built home but what does “custom built” mean?

“Custom Built” can apply to a small, medium or large home.  It can be a basic two-bedroom bungalow or a large luxury estate home. 

“Custom Built” means tailoring plans to meet your lifestyle & needs giving you a one of a kind home.  You have the flexibility of choice.  You can choose exterior and interior finishes, flooring, trim, paint and kitchen style. You are in control.

To begin the design process, start with your “Wish List” and your “House Idea Binder”

Look at plans that come close to your “Wish List” and that can be amended to meet your needs.  You can also consult a designer/ architect to develop your custom plan.   When developing a custom home plan, consider the neighborhood, building lot in addition to your family present and future needs.   Look at traffic flows thru the house. Where are the public & privates spaces in your home?  Try to maximize the useable space.

When building a custom home be prepared to make a lot of choices.  You will be choosing the exterior finishes, windows, lighting & plumbing fixtures, flooring, paint colours, trim.  You will be the one to decide where that light switch will be located for the back deck.  Making those decisions in a timely manner will greatly improve the progress of your home.  Having a budget decided in advance will greatly aid in those decisions. An experienced builder like DAD’s can be a valuable source that you can draw from.  We have years of practical experience and knowledge of the building process.  We can offer options and solutions to your building dilemmas.

Over the years, we have built a reputation with our clients and trades people as a professional businessman who does quality work and takes pride in the finished product.  Our clients have benefited from my extensive knowledge and our ability to anticipate problems and deal with them before they happen.