Budgeting for Home Building

What do you have to spend on your new home?   It’s all about the dollar and cents.  When setting up a budget you first must consider your sources of money:  savings, salary, sale of existing home and mortgage.

Once you know the dollar amount you have to spend on your new home review your wish list and set priorities.  What do you really want?  Look at your options, for example siding vs. brick, laminate vs. hardwood, arborite vs. granite counter top or maybe a smaller home with a more efficient layout. Remember the price per square foot is dependant on the size, type of home, features and finishes.

Don’t forget to consider the additional costs of having a new home – moving expenses, new furniture and appliances, draperies and window coverings, landscaping, insurance and taxes.

The more factors you consider the more accurate your budget can be.